Getting Started

Welcome to OLS InComm Gateway's developer center. OLS InComm Gateway's API provides the power to run transactions and manage batches.

The url for the RESTful interface is (Note that this is the base URL. Append /transactions to the URL for running transactions, /batches to access Batch information, etc.)

  1. 1

    Setup an API Key

    Setup an API Key using OLS InComm Gateway's console. See the how to set up an API Key section for instructions.

    Note: for test transactions, you must have a sandbox API Key.

  2. 2

    Download a Code Sample or shopping cart plugin

    Download one of our code samples in the language of your choice. Or try out one of our shopping cart plugins.

  3. 3

    Run a Transaction or try it in sandbox mode

    Configure the code sample or shopping cart plugin using your new API key. Point the code sample or shopping cart plugin to and run a transaction.

    Warning All transactions sent to are live. For sandbox transactions, use the sandbox API key and URL listed below.

Try It Out No account required

You can try out the API immediately using and a sandbox API key. Read more about Sandbox Mode here.

Sandbox API Key: 6c47fde3e1dc4034bb3ca078dfb518fc

Warning These API keys are public, so live cards and sensitive data should never be used.

Code Samples

All code samples are open source and available for use.